The Parable of the Heart features excerpts from the international award winning Swedish film, Passing Hearts, produced by Flodellfilm Stockholm AB narrated by Heart Surgeon Clay Burnett, MD. Three versions of the Parable of the Heart (14, 8.5 and 5 minutes) are available on the DVD, along with the full 13-minute original version of Passing Hearts.

The 5 minute version of the Parable of the Heart is a wonderful version to show in a church service to bring dramatic closure on a number of topics from salvation, sanctification, intimacy with Christ, grace, our identity with Christ, our relationship with the Father, how much God loves us and more.

We encourage the church to make the DVDs available for purchase as attendees leave the church so they can loan them to their friends and discuss the content when returned.

Also available is a four-week study version with downloadable group questions and leader guide.

You can purchase various quantities of the DVDs through our shopping cart, starting with single copies. The cost for 100 DVDs is $295 for a church and the recommended sale price to the members is 1 for $5 or 3 for $10. For more information please call 913-231-3579.

Lord bless you.