PASSING HEARTS (13 min) is the short Swedish mystery/drama that has won top awards in a dozen international film festivals. After receiving a letter in the mail, Daniel skips school and travels to meet a married couple whose son saved Daniel's life. 

In The Parable of the Heart video (14 min), Heart Surgeon Clay Burnett, MD, explains why PASSING HEARTS is like a modern day parable of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the context of modern medicine. In fact, this allegory provides powerful insights into what God has done for us, our new identity in Christ after salvation, imputed righteousness, absolute grace, and much more.

An Abbreviated Parable of the Heart (8 minutes) is also available under special features. This version takes a different tack. Dr. Clay Burnett unveils the mystery of Daniel's relationship with the married couple right up front, and then unpacks the primary elements of the allegory.

Under SPECIAL FEATURES, you will find:

  • An overview of the optional four-week video teaching series that can be ordered from; and
  • A five minute version in which Dr. Burnett introduces an excerpt from Passing Hearts as a Parable. This is often used by pastors in church services to bring a powerful close to messages on a variety of topics including salvation, grace, intimacy with Christ, how much God loves us, sanctification, our new identity in Christ and more.
  • A three-minute message to leaders about how to use this message most effectively in a church or ministry.


The four-week study comes with a participant guide. Dr. Clay Burnett narrates the four week teaching/discussion series.

  • The first week is an expanded version of the main Parable of the Heart DVD, which covers why we need spiritual heart transplants and how to receive one. 
  • The second week looks at the nature of our new heart and our new relationships after transplant.
  • The third week focuses on how to live heart-healthy lifestyles.
  • The fourth week is about how to help others receive heart transplants.

Every small group that has done the series gives high praise for the insights and discussions stimulated.